Elina Winnel

Brain mapping
Cognitive re-patterning
Master Hypnotherapist
Masters of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Sound vibration therapy
Healing Touch
Trauma Release
Bachelor of Commerce
Sleep Expert
Elina is an international sleep expert, with clients in Australia, Europe and the USA. She has researched and been trained in the most effective methods of treating insomnia. She studied a large array of modalities including hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, coaching, sound therapy, cognitive re-patterning and brain mapping with the highly regarded neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenzer. Elina has developed a unique program for treating insomnia, and works with a large number of high profile clients.
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Cognitive re-patterning
Neuro Linguistic programming
Sound and vibration therapy
Brain mapping
Brain waves
Stress management
Trauma release
The beach
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Self development
Elina Winnel is Founder and Head Coach at My Sleep Coach. She is passionate about helping people to restore their natural ability to sleep well, and shift from coping to thriving.

After overcoming insomnia herself, Elina wanted to help others and share what she learned from years of research, training and self discovery. She started suffering from insomnia during her years in the fast paced corporate world and, after exhausting the western medical system for solutions, sought an alternate route. She developed a revolutionary sleep program that restores deep sleep as well as reversing the impact prolonged heightened stress has on our minds and bodies. It is a unique highly effective natural solution drawn from both cutting edge science and ancient wisdom.

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