Celeste Halliday

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Graduate Diploma (Counselling)
Business and executive coaching, leadership development, culture change, diversity, business consulting, business performance, business owner, entrepreneur.
I started NoJAC (Not Just Another Consultancy) to change the way the world _works_.

I want to re-humanise the workplace - one person at a time, if that's what it takes!

I believe everyone comes to work to do a good job and is capable of amazing things. Getting the best out of people, is about treating them, and ourselves, like human beings (not human 'doings'). We all know engaged workplaces get better business results. We're communal beings by nature, and work is where we spend the bulk of our time. Imagine a world where everyone felt their contribution mattered and that they were valued, for the whole person that they are.

NoJAC was born out of frustration with the current business world. I had reached a high point in my career (unexpectedly early!), running a large business. I had to put everything I had been preaching to others throughout my career into practice. I learnt what works in real life.

I also learnt that the further up the hierarchy you go, the more removed you can become, and the less connected with the people working for you. Less human. I learnt that the workplace is a hard place to be for many people, including me, and it shouldn't be!

Stress and anxiety are rife, and every day seems to bring another story of workplace bullying or unfair treatment. In fact, many people I work with tell me that they feel like we all leave our humanity at the door when we step into work each morning.

I want to change that. I want to disrupt the current model of work and make it human again. To fill the corporate world with high performance businesses that truly value their people, their customers and their stakeholders - as human beings.

I call it 'contagious humanity'. I want to ignite that humanity in others, and have them to spread it, too. I want to create a movement of 'contagious humanity'. A community of 'work' changers...of world changers. Want to join me?

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